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Happy Karma

Michael Vettor, ESPN

"One of the most talented teams on the face of this planet and in the 20+ years I know them they have never under delivered!"
Thought Visualization

At Happy Karma Company, we turn complex ideas into visually engaging stories that emotionally resonate with your audience. Whether you're introducing a new invention, streamlining a business process, or launching a new product, our team of visual storytellers will help you inspire action, build consensus, raise revenue, and generate excitement. Let us create the spark that ignites your success.

Chick-Fil-A Locker Concept

When EPIC executives wanted to demonstrate the value of the Smart Locker Platform, they turned to us to help them communicate the concept. Chick-Fil-A  responded to the video saying had dot seen such a creative approach from a potential partner. Panasonic advanced to the next round of discussions. 

Smart Hive

A complex product and process needs a strong visual story to convey the correct messages .  

Disney Turnstile Concept

During the Covid many companies looked for touch free designs as a safe way to interact with consumers. HK created this concept for automated turnstile for Disneyland park entrances. 

Tesla Battery Process

Panasonic MEBD needed to communicate the process of making  lithium ion batteries but little factory footage is available for the public. They turned to HK to create a animated version of the machines and processes used. 

Motion Graphics
Augmented Reality

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, renowned for hosting some of the best game day shows in the NFL, continually seek new ways to engage and entertain their fans. In collaboration with VizRT, Happy Karma developed the first-ever in-venue 1st and 10 line specifically for in-stadium audiences. Additionally, Happy Karma constructed a data parser and intuitive UI application to showcase scores and stats through custom-designed Augmented Reality elements, further enhancing the fan experience.

Vizrt Scene design
Data Parsing and Integration

Data integration is essential to the overall fan experience as it enables the seamless consolidation of real-time information from multiple sources, enriching the content delivered to viewers. By providing in-depth insights, up-to-date statistics, and engaging visuals, data integration enhances the audience's understanding of the game, fosters emotional connections with their favorite teams and players, and encourages interaction with other fans. This holistic approach to data-driven storytelling keeps fans engaged, informed, and entertained, ultimately elevating the overall experience.

When Speedway Motor Sports decided to install the world's largest displays, they required a show that would surpass expectations, encompassing an immense amount of data. The company turned to Happy Karma Company for a cutting-edge solution. Happy Karma Company took on the challenge of processing real-time data from 43 cars, capturing driver names, positions, speeds, braking, and steering information multiple times per second. After gathering this extensive data, the task was to present it in a captivating 4K broadcast presentation that featured seamless transitions and dynamic flair.

Our groundbreaking design was the only system capable of showcasing such a vast amount of data on a video board, delivering a smooth scrolling or rolling effect at a stunning 4K 60fps. Happy Karma Company has set the industry standard, transforming the way audiences experience racing and would be feature at not only SMI, but also at the Indianapolis 500 and Kentucky Derby.

NASCAR and Racing

The American Alliance Football League utilized cutting-edge technology and a proprietary system to capture real-time data from its players for broadcast television. However, the stadiums and domes where AAF games took place lacked the infrastructure to display this data, as they were only equipped to handle college and NFL static feeds.

Faced with a tight deadline just weeks before the start of the season, Happy Karma was approached to develop a solution. We designed a custom parser that could read the proprietary data set and reformat it to resemble traditional NFL GSIS data. This innovative approach allowed the facilities to utilize existing data conduits, saving significant time and costs that would have otherwise been spent on months of programming and additional resources.

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